Chef Tanya Chavis
Owner & Head Chef of Pretti Plates 


In 2008 Pretti Plates was born with a niche of it's on. And part of that niche was to represent for all the women that came before me that Was only able to share their culinary talents with their families and not the world because they were women. Pretti Plates brings you amazing 

 flavor pallets, creative garnishes, and dishes that are aesthetically pleasing.


Pretti Plates catering team has over 14 years in experience in making your event a success. You have enough to worry about we'll take care of the food. We are an innovative southern cuisine catering company that pays attention to detail, re creating new southern dishes, accommodate all dietary restrictions. Rather it's small or large groups including corporate, Production & film, weddings, and private events we have experience in fulfilling all your catering needs.


We have a reputation of being the best production catering company in Atlanta. We pride ourselves on offering impeccable service no matter the occasion . Our team will work hard to ensure the safety of your staff by following sanitary guidelines for COVID19. 


 Moving to Atlanta allowed me to realize how much I loved to serve people. Whenever my friends and family would come over the kitchen was my favorite place to be. I am a mother of one and a grandmother of  two. I Love getting dress and experiencing fine dining, wine tastings and socializing with others. On my down time I love traveling and sitting poolside.  After 25 years of being a successful hair stylist. My little leap of faith I call it, leaving Cleveland Ohio where I was born and raised was one of the best things that I could have done for myself and my career.

Cooking for my new Atlanta family ignited my passion for servicing people and led me to pursue new endeavors. After working under local chefs I decided to officially pursue my Career as a chef. In 2010 I enrolled at the Art Institute Of Atlanta. After 1 year I transferred to Atlanta Tech and graduate from there in 2012 with my Associates Degree in Culinary Arts.

I've seen Pretti Plates grow as I continue to Educate myself and dream bigger everyday. I'll be launching my first Eat Pretti cook book and adding author to my catalog. I can't wait to share my first project with all of you. In the meantime, I will keep developing signature dishes, keeping my clients happy and being grateful for how my little leap of faith turned into my greatest success.