Chef Tanya Chavis
It all began with a leap of faith in 2002

I knew I needed a change. I had lived in Cleveland Ohio my whole life, built a great career as a successful hair stylist but felt I needed to discover more of what life had to offer. I was at the crossroads. So I picked up and moved to Atlanta to reset and refresh my career. That sounds funny now because Atlanta did just the opposite. It became my inspiration in another way. I would often cook for my new Atlanta family and found a new passion that would ignite a different purpose inside of me.  After 25 years of styling hair, I retired and started my first small catering company Chavistyle. At the time it was mostly just me learning from other caterers. I worked hard from the ground up and eventually found my niche. I came to realize that I love to serve people... give them an outstanding presentation combined with great food. In 2008, Pretti Plates Inc. was born. I built my clientele catering on major film production sets, celebrity events, corporate luncheons, and private events. I also enrolled in culinary arts school at The Art Institute of Atlanta. I graduated with an associate’s degree from Atlanta Tech and will continue to advance my education. I've seen Pretti Plates grow as I keep educating myself and dreaming bigger every day. I now have added author to my catalog and I can't wait to share my first project with all of you. In the meantime, I will keep developing signature dishes, keeping my clients happy and being grateful for how my little leap of faith turned into my greatest success.